• Ali Serdar YÜCEL
  • Ayça GÜRKAN
  • Att. Fevzi PAPAKÇI
  • Att. brahim DURSUN
  • Att. Nazmi ARF
  • Att. Onur BAYKAN
  • Bülent EKER
  • Gül ERTEM
  • Göken ARAS
  • Mustafa TALAS
  • Oya KAVLAK
  • Ozan KARABA
  • Sezer ER GÜNER
  • Sevgi ÖZKAN
  • Selvinaz SAÇAN
  • Ümran SEVL


Executive Board of the Journal is responsible for any legal and administrative process. The Board is above all bodies of the journal. President of the executive board is the editor-in-chief of the journal. Decisions are taken on majority basis. There are 17 permanent members of the executive board. A decision is finalized by consensus of 51% of these permanent members. Under necessary circumstances, an article and a work can be rejected by the executive board even if they have been approved by referees, and the final decision of the board is implemented. Under such cases, author/authors cannot claim any rights, and no sanction is applied to the journal. Executive board of the journal carries out activities related to referee assignment, acceptance or refusal of a referee, evaluation or review of works approved by referees, plagiarism phenomenon, conformity or nonconformity to publication criteria of the journal, publishing special issues, publishing papers presented in congresses or conferences as a special issue, inclusion of new disciplines or scientific fields, revising management of the journal, assignment of editors, determining and restructuring tasks of field editors, index-related works, official correspondences and organizing acceptance documents in specific periods or intervals. No board, individual, referee, organization, author or other authorities or institutions can have the right to comment on these activities of the board. Decisions of the board are absolute and definite as well as legal and unchangeable. Every procedure about the journal, issues of the journal and referee reports regarding works in the issues, referee information and other related procedures about the journal are carried out with the approval of the executive board of the journal. Such procedures are realized with the approval of the executive board and relevant issue is uploaded to the system. No change can be made on works which have been approved by the executive board and uploaded to the system; such a demand for any change on works cannot be asked. Any procedure regarding the journal are carried out  with the consent and approval of the executive board.